Liz Duggan

Founder & President


In this volunteer role, Liz manages the charity’s day-to-day activities, strategic and financial planning, marketing communication, community relations, and oversees volunteer committees.


Liz is the Director of Marketing for the Institute for Operational Excellence and Duggan Associates and holds a Master of Business Administration from California State University, a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Salve Regina University and has taken several continuing education courses in graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Board of Directors

Liz Duggan

Rebecca Siddiqui

Katie Politelli

Amy Gallagher


Amenity Aid's Story

Liz Duggan founded Amenity Aid in 2013 after seeing firsthand the immense need for toiletries in shelters. As a frequent business traveler, Liz would donate hotel amenities to homeless shelters. She was always met with overwhelming gratitude for her donations and learned most shelters never have enough hygiene products to serve their clients. Overwhelmed by the notion that others are without basic products like soap and feminine care, items that many of us take for granted, Liz became motivated to find a solution. Today Amenity Aid is the only nonprofit in Rhode Island (and one of only a few nation-wide) solely focused on ensuring our most vulnerable populations have access to toiletries that are crucial to health and wellness. Amenity Aid's operating structure and programs that were developed by Liz are unique to the industry.






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About Amenity Aid

We are a Rhode Island based 501(c)(3)

charity that provides essential hygiene products to organizations that assist the homeless, at-risk, low income and victims of violence.